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Accuterm GUI Development

Nothing Currently Scheduled.

Sorry, there is no webinar currently scheduled at this time. If you would like to request this webinar to be scheduled please click the link below.

A webinar based live training class over four sessions providing a structured set of four formal lessons from the AccuTerm GUI Development Class Workbook developed by Performant Systems. This workbook is part of included Class Content as a PDF file. Class Content will also include Data files containing the BASIC Code and GUI Template files the class examples represent. The Class Data Content with the Lesson examples and useful GUI utilities, may be used by a student to integrate into their own Apps.

Students leave the AccuTerm GUI Development Class with all the skills needed to immediately starting building feature rich Windows style GUI screens that tightly integrate to their existing MultiValue database. Note that, at present, there is no cost for the AccuTerm GUI designer program or any runtime modules, only the AccuTerm 2K2 product is required, making this GUI environment very cost effective.

Week 1

  • Building a new GUI App as a BASIC Read/Write screen
  • How the GUI Code works and is generated
  • Optimizing the code generation template
  • How to know what Events to look for

Week 2

  • Using Windows style controls like Radio Buttons, Lists, Combo Boxes, etc
  • Code behind Buttons
  • Using standard Message Dialog Boxes
  • Checking for the AccuTerm signature

Week 3

  • Building the five styles of AccuTerm custom Menus
  • Using Tabbed Sets and building three kinds of Menus
  • Dealing with a mixed GUI/green screen environment

Week 4

  • The dynamics of a Grid control and it's 15 Events
  • Using GUI Subroutines for multiple screens

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