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Interact with MultiValue Data in Microsoft Outlook

Nothing Currently Scheduled.

Sorry, there is no webinar currently scheduled at this time. If you would like to request this webinar to be scheduled please click the link below.

Imagine reviewing email within Microsoft Outlook, and a side panel opens to display the customer information associated with the email address your employees are looking at.  When Microsoft developed Outlook, they provided the enterprise a way to integrate outside data with the information provided in Outlook.

This webinar will show developers how to access MultiValue data, programs, and processes from within Outlook and present this information in a friendly format to the user.   This is all done without having to open any other application.  The code samples provided will give MultiValue developers a starting point to update information in their MultiValue database as well.

Join us in this webinar to see how you can display your customer, order, or other ERP and CRM related information from your MultiValue Database in Outlook without opening another application.

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