BlueFinity's Evoke Solves Web app browser caching issues

Ever since web apps have been deployed to users there has been the frustrating issue that browsers use cached web assets. This means that the last used version of a web app may be accessed, and therefore updates to the web app may not make it through to the user. Worst still, different browsers and even different devices act differently, which can make the potential use of cached web assets even more unpredictable. Even a user's personal settings for their browsers can make browsers produce different results in respect of how the cached web assets are used.

The internet is full of suggestions for addressing this issue with web apps, most common is that users of web apps on desktop devices should always perform a manual forced reload when using a web app. This is not very user friendly and is certainly open to human error, and the issuer of the web app has no ability to confirm if a user has performed the procedure or not.

Web apps are useful and popular as they are easy to deploy, available across platforms, simple to modify and can offer sophisticated business functions.

Companies using Evoke, from BlueFinity, to develop their web apps not only benefit from extremely quick development and the ability for their existing staff to build and deploy high functioning, sophisticated business apps, but all Evoke apps have automatic cache updating, across all platforms, when a new version of an Evoke built app is deployed.

The powerful Evoke designer provides developers with everything they need to produce high quality business apps. They can quickly and cost effectively build interfaces, define and manage data, and use Evoke's unique business logic components to create apps. As the business requirements change then speedy enhancements can be made to the app in the Evoke designer. Evoke can deliver web, hybrid and native apps. With its single design structure, changes only need to be made once and the revised app can be immediately generated, automatically incorporating any customization, for all device types. At the time of app generation, Evoke users can increment a "published" version number and this will force the browser of the app user to update any web assets that have been updated the next time they access the app.

Malcolm Carroll a director of BlueFinity said, 'The inability for a company to ensure that the app their customers are using is the latest version of that app has caused well documented problems for years. Users have complained of incompatibility of apps after an upgrade, inability to log in to apps and numerous other issues. Automating the update process, by using Evoke to develop apps, takes this issue away from app users and helps companies to provide a more consistent, better service through the apps they have developed.'

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