ONGroup provides MultiValue Applications with Horizontal Scalability

ONGroup announced two sites running their own MultiValue applications with horizontal scalability as well as high availability. Horizontal scalability provides databases the ability to increase capacity by connecting multiple hardware or software entities together to work as a single logical unit.

MVON# Clustering Server includes the ability to have as many nodes as required. Nodes can be added and removed in real-time, and each node can be configured with different RAM, disk, and processors. You can define Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary lock servers.

In addition to the gains from high availability and interoperability when running a MultiValue application in .NET with the MultiValue data, working with full MV read/write and full SQL read/write from SQL Server, the ability to horizontally scale applications is a big gain for MultiValue applications using Microsoft as the platform when running with MVON# tools. This is also a significant feature that differentiates the Microsoft platform with MVON# from other MultiValue options.

ONgroup Intl is pleased to be able to deliver horizontal scalability for MultiValue applications using the MVON# Clustering Server, now available internationally.

ONgroup Intl

Located in Pensacola FL.

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