Evoke Adds Data Visualization to its Business App development Platform

BlueFinity's Evoke Rapid App Development Platform has recently announced a series of popular
enhancements which have included Chatbots, signature panel and multiple developer support. The
latest announcement by BlueFinity is the introduction of a range of new graphs and charts that can now
quickly and easily be included as an integral part of apps developed using Evoke.

The inclusion of graphics in any application is a very effective way visualizing important information
quickly and clearly. This is of even greater significance when using apps where the display is to be on a
smaller screen (iPhone, Tablet etc.). Screen real estate is limited so the deployment of graphics to
understand the data presented, can be a far more effective method than the displaying of reports.

Evoke is a cost-effective, rapid app development platform that provides the complete environment for
existing staff to design, develop and deploy business apps across multiple devices (IOS, Android and
Windows phones and tablets, plus Windows, Apple and Linux desktops). Evoke offers a low code or no
code route which can evolve in to fully customizable apps as required. It allows users to create web,
hybrid and even native apps (as it generates in to Visual Studio and Xamarin projects), and to fully
integrate and synchronize with existing back-end systems and SQL and MultiValue databases.

As with all aspects of Evoke, graphs are made available across all platforms and device types. Features of
Evoke such as automated resizing according to the screen size, adaptations to design the screen for
optimum screen layout and WYSIWYG design capabilities to further customize the layouts for each
screen to optimize the UI are all made available when incorporating graphs and charts in to your app.
Evoke Graphs and Charts are made available as an integral part of the Evoke design and development
platform. This means that you can include graphs as a part of the app design without the need to
separately incorporate third party software and toolsets. Evoke provides you with all you need to quickly
and easily set-up and configure your graphs and charts and will support multiple types including Area,
Bar, Donut, Line, Percent Area, Percent Bar, Pie, Waterfall etc.

Through Evoke you can define your data, its structure and location. Evoke supports the inclusion of data
from multiple files in multiple databases for use within a single app. You can configure the data fields
(columns/attributes) associated with the data, as well as any required calculation and manipulation of
the information. Once you have selected the type of chart or graph you want to use, you can also specify
how that data will be grouped for the purposes of presenting on the chart/graph. You can also refine
exactly how you want the chart to appear including type, headers, sub-headers, axis labels, scale and
graduation values.

This data visualization feature is the latest in a series of additional functionality releases made by
BlueFinity for Evokes fast expanding global client base.

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