COPS Monitoring, Vancity Savings Credit Union, and Hardware Specialty Company successfully migrated to jBASE

Zumasys announced that COPS Monitoring, Vancity Savings Credit Union and Hardware Specialty Company have successfully migrated their Pick D3 applications to jBASE.

"We chose jBASE for its modern architecture, object orientation and native integration with Linux," said Ned Holmes, IT Director at Hardware Specialty. "jBASE is part of a global modernization strategy which makes our application more approachable for modern developers and easier to integrate with today's APIs and SaaS applications."

jBASE runs MultiValue databases natively on Windows, Linux and UNIX operating systems, delivering incredibly fast performance of legacy PICK applications. jBASE is the most performant MultiValue database available.

"The speed improvements with jBASE are insane," said Mike Steigerwalt, Lead Programmer at COPS Monitoring. "When we were on D3, I had split up the morning processing/reports into two PROCs. One PROC updated records and had to be run on the primary server, the other could be run anywhere as long as the data was up to date. It took 3-4 hours per PROC to do everything. Now, PROC #1 takes about 20 minutes, and PROC #2 takes about an hour which is great!"

Zumasys is committed to continuing the support and evolution of MultiValue. "We believe in the power of MultiValue applications to run businesses of every size," said Paul Giobbi, President of Zumasys. "jBASE brings new life to legacy PICK apps by improving their performance and seamlessly integrating with today's modern development languages."

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