Zumasys Releases QM 3.4-17 has been Released

Release 3.4-17 of the QM Multivalue Database is now available for download from the Zumasys web site.

  • Dictionary I-type item expressions can now use the syntax where a value is followed by a format string with no intervening operator.
  • The SAVE.LIST and GET.LIST commands now support use of a multifile.
  • QMBasic class modules may now include initialisation values for private and public variables.
  • The QMBasic MERGELIST() function now has an additive mode key value to specify that the supplied lists are not in sorted order. This does not affect the MERGE.LIST command.
  • Two new keys for the QMBasic SYSTEM() function have been added. Key 1081 returns the current time in milliseconds from 1 January 1970 UTC. Key 1082 returns the time of day as milliseconds since midnight in the user's time zone.
  • The !MULTISORT() subroutine provides a way to sort a set of related field mark delimited lists.
  • The user written subroutine called by the WEBSVC command now has an optional new argument to pass additional data about the connection.
  • Process dump files now include the operating system environment variables.
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