Kosday Solutions releases Linker 2.0

Kosday is pleased to announce the launch of version 2.0 of the Linkar Suite. With the Linkar suite of components, client-side interfaces are written with a variety of programming languages, to connect to a variety of MV servers.

You can install Linkar Suite in the best known architectures, Windows, Linux and macOS and connect to the majority of MV/Pick-Style databases, D3, jBase, QM, mvBASE, Unidata and Universe.

There are Linkar CLIENTS compatible with many different programming languages and environments (.NET, Java, PHP, Python, COM, .NET Core, Node.js, Mono, C…)

You can create desktop apps, web apps, mobile apps that run in Windows, Linux or macOS.


  • Based on .NET Framework and .NET Core Framework.
  • Totally new browser interface. You can manage everything using your favorite browser.
  • New and improved MV Components installer.
  • Linkar 2.0 now includes a web server and a new Linkar REST API.
    • This is all built-in for FREE in Linkar and you don't need other products to do this. HTTPS support is also built-in.
    • Linkar REST API provides an interface for applications to interact with your Linkar Suite by sending and receiving data as JSON or XML objects.
    • All CRUD operations are supported by the API, including execution of TCL commands and BASIC subroutines. This facilitates usage of the MVDBMS by any client application with no understanding of MV or Linkar.
    • The authentication model used is based on the generation of API Keys. The Linkar administrator generates an API Key with the necessary parameters for authentication. This way no login credentials are shared. This API Key must be attached in the header of the HTTP call so that Linkar can recognize its validity and execute the operation.
    • You can create an operational web service without the need to install and configure a web server and publish the web service anywhere (and if you want you can configure IIS or Apache to use the Linkar REST API).
  • Completely new documentation for the product. We have made a very big effort on this. We want to thank people who have helped us with this very important product component.
  • New online activation system.
  • In-product update notifications and links to all current development Resources
  • and much more.
Kosday Solutions

Located in Barakaldo Vizcaya.

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