Kore Technologies releases Kourier Integrator 4.7 with increased performance and SQL 2019 Support

The primary focus and theme for Release 4.7 of Kourier Integrator is increased performance . They have made significant changes to Kourier that deliver measurable speed increases when exporting delimited data from UniData and UniVerse databases.

This release introduces the Package Execution Manager (PEM). The PEM improves the overall performance, execution and transparency of Kourier generated Microsoft SSIS packages, and provides a stable and fault tolerant environment in which to run them.

See below for additional information current as of Kourier Integrator Release 4.7.3

Support for Microsoft SQL Server 2019

Quickly and easily build maintenance-free, high performance Microsoft SSIS Packages to load data from your U2 application in near real-time into a SQL Server 2019 database. Take advantage of the latest database technology and performance improvements to Microsoft SQL Server.

Increased MultiValue Data Export Performance

We have worked closely with our database and technology partner Rocket Software to understand the changes in their recent releases of UniData and UniVerse databases. Based on this new information we've re-engineered the Kourier export engine to take advantage of Rocket's internal software changes and revised architecture to maximize Kourier's performance.

  • Kourier's overall performance is up to twice as fast as compared to previous versions of Kourier when extracting delimited data from U2 files
  • The actual increase in performance will vary depending on the installed versions of the UniData/UniVerse database and operating system
  • Kore recommends that existing clients upgrade to this new release as soon as possible

Package Execution Manager (PEM)

The main goal of the PEM is to improve the manageability, transparency and performance of SSIS package executions plus there is a new SSIS Package Queue dashboard.

  • Ensures that all packages are run in a timely manner within a stable and fault tolerant environment
  • Minimizes overloading of system resources within the available constraints of the server
  • Introduces the new SSIS Package Queue dashboard, which provides increased package visibility:
    • Summarizes the status of all SSIS packages:
      • Pending
      • Running
      • Completed
      • Failed
    • Allows filtering the list of SSIS packages by server
    • Allows sorting each dashboard column in ascending or descending order
    • Provides a drill-down into each category to a detailed list of packages and tasks:
      • Sort columns and filter by package, account and server
      • View individual SSIS package performance metrics:
        • Submit time
        • Start time
        • Wait time
        • Processing time
        • Retries
      • View SSIS package output results to diagnose package run-time errors

Other Improvements

Sometimes it's the little things that can make a big difference.

  • Net Change exceptions are easier to diagnose and resolve with additional logging information and utilities
  • Improved the dequeuing logic of Kourier to process the files moved from U2 to SQL and run their associated SSIS packages
    • This results in the SQL database tables getting updated in more timely manner
  • Enhanced the output created by Kourier generated SSIS packages to include additional information:
    • The file being processed and the SSIS package that is running
    • This information makes it easier to diagnose SSIS package run-time issues
  • Enhanced the Schedule Listing page to sort the list of schedules by schedule description
  • Improvements to Quick Start Workbench
    • Declare the datatype to use for strings
    • Establish rule for rounding string lengths
Kore Technologies

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