Aptron Acquires mvQuery From PrismHR

mvQuery, formerly owned by PrismHR / Sandritech, has been acquired by Aptron Corporation, a leading provider of administrative software solutions for higher education. Aptron has 39 years in the MultiValueCommunity and has been an mvQuery reseller for 20 of those years. mvQuery is the workhorse reporting tool for the Aptron Collegix product and Aptron has also provided it for use with other MultiValue products and end users. Aptron plans to continue the ongoing development and support of mvQuery.

According to Aptron founder and President Tom Makosky, acquiring mvQuery makes perfect sense to ensure its ongoing availability for Collegix users and to build upon its legacy in the MultiValue community. To help provide ongoing continuity for mvQuery, Aptron has engaged the services of Brian Leach Consulting Ltd. Brian is the original developer of mvQuery and has been contributing to its development ever since.

mvQuery has been distributed to the MultiValue community using a network of resellers and Aptron plans to continue these arrangements going forward. Communications have been sent out to the resellers and Aptron is reaching out to them to renew existing mvQuery maintenance. Please contact Tom Makosky at info@aptron.com, 973-822-0700 ext.114 for more information.

Aptron has a long history in the MultiValue industry, having started as a Microdata Reality reseller in 1983 and also working with UniVerse, Unidata, D3 and other variants over the years. Current plans are to make mvQuery available to UniVerse,Unidata, D3, openQM and jBase users.

Aptron Corporation

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