BlueFinity Enables Seamless Data Transfer Between MultiValue Databases and SQL Server Using mv.SSIS

BlueFinity International , a member of the Mpower1 Group of Companies, is pleased to add a brand new product to its range of Microsoft development tools for MultiValue users. BlueFinity 's mv.SSIS allows MultiValue users to extract data from any major MultiValue database (in both bulk and filtered export mode) into MS SQL Server using Microsoft's SQL Server Integration Service s product.

Microsoft SQL Server Integration Service s (SSIS ) is a sophisticated, graphical based integration tool which allows data flow processes to be built for purposes such as data mining, data migration, reporting and OLAP (OnLine Analytical Processing). Once designed, these processes are compiled into 'packages' which can then be distributed and run on any machine with the SSIS tools installed to address complex business needs.

BlueFinity 's new mv.SSIS product provides a tightly integrated, natural extension to the native SSIS environment allowing developers to seamlessly incorporate MultiValue data sources into their existing or new SSIS workflow packages. It allows drag-and-drop creation of standard SSIS packages within the SSIS design studio, providing seamless transfer of data between MultiValue databases and SQL Server 2005 and 2008 by utilizing SSIS .

"mv.SSIS effectively opens up the entire SQL Server set of tools and utilities to MultiValue database users," explains David Cooper, Lead Developer at BlueFinity . "With our mv.SSIS product we have ensured that the way in which MultiValue data is accessed within SSIS is a natural extension to the SSIS way of doing things. This brings many advantages to the user/developer, not least the ability to send e-mail messages in response to SSIS events, update data warehouses, clean and mine data, and manage SQL Server objects and data. By providing a tight, seamless and natural extension to the standard SSIS environment, mv.SSIS makes SQL Server-based capabilities within your MultiValue environment a reality ."

mv.SSIS provides two new objects within the SSIS toolkit and utilizes BlueFinity 's mv.NET product to connect to a MultiValue database: mv.NET Connection Manager and mv.NET Data Source.

The Connection Manager provides an SSIS -aware connection to an mv.NET -based data provider which then can be used throughout an SSIS package. Data sources are used within 'Data Flows' and use a Connection Manager to connect to a data provider and then feed data into the rest of the 'Data Flow'.

To connect to a MultiValue database from within an SSIS package, the user must first add an mv.NET Connection Manager to the package then within a 'Data Flow Task' add an mv.NET Data Source. From within the custom mv.SSIS data source editor the user can define what data they want to read into the process. The rest of the transformations and destinations are then defined as per the user's requirements using any of the standard SSIS 'Data Flow Transformations' and 'Data Flow Destinations'.

SSIS provides comprehensive facilities to enable schedules to be configured to manage the data transfers. However, on MultiValue databases that support 'triggers', transfers can be initiated using mv.NET 's ability to monitor the database for significant events. These events, once detected by a .NET application using mv.NET , can then be serviced by the execution of SSIS packages.

"mv.SSIS is another piece in the jigsaw of allowing MultiValue developers to participate as first-class citizens in the Microsoft world," says Cooper. "Its by no means the final piece, but its an important one and we are certainly experiencing a huge amount of interest in mv.SSIS since its launch."

BlueFinity products provide the developer with the greatest flexibility to ensure that applications can be deployed across the widest range of databases; they are currently available on D3 , jBASE , mvBASE , Reality , Power95, QM , UniData , UniVerse and UniVision and others by request.

BlueFinity is planning a one day technical seminar in Denver, Colorado on Friday, March 27th at the Westin Westminster Hotel to showcase the product set and take an in-depth technical look at the advanced functionality by way of live demonstrations and presentations with BlueFinity developers.
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