New Version of U2.NET Now Available

IBM® UniData and UniVerse Add-ins for Visual Studio (U2.NET) is a development system for MultiValue-centric programming in a .NET environment. Version 1.1.2 of U2.NET is about to be released and will introduce the following new features:

LINQ Over Datasets

U2.NET will support creating DataSets that can then be consumed by LINQ based applications. DataSets for single-value, multi-value, and sub-value attributes can be created and then be consumed by LINQ for query, update and data-binding purposes.

One-Click Deployment

Allows users to script the creation of a configuration database and server deployment actions as XML, and then run the XML file at the target deployment machines.

Improved Authorization

U2.NET will now be authorized in a simpler fashion that is consistent with the other U2 products.

Rocket Software

Located in Waltham MA.

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