BlueFinity Offers First Look at mv.NET with Solution Objects in Free Webinar

BlueFinity International , a member of the Mpower1 Group of Companies, is offering a free webinar to showcase the latest enhancement to its .NET development toolset for MultiValue databases: mv.NET with Solution Objects.

mv.NET provides a 100% native .NET interface to all major MultiValue databases, allowing .NET developers to access all aspects of their MultiValue systems - both data and program code - from within their .NET application. The new Solution Objects component set for mv.NET builds upon this existing infrastructure to provide strongly- typed, class-based access to MultiValue databases via the generation of an advanced data abstraction layer.

.NET application developers no longer need to understand MultiValue database technology in order to create their MultiValue-linked .NET solutions. Additionally, the ability to produce more intuitive, readable and maintainable code is greatly enhanced which results in much faster time to market and reduced on-going support costs.

With .NET set to dominate the application development space, mv.NET with Solution Objects sets a new benchmark for mainstream developer usage of MultiValue databases.

This webinar presentation will demonstrate just how easy it is to create a business objects interface to your MultiValue data. mv.NET 's new Solution Objects component has everything you need to both define and then generate the .NET code to manifest your MultiValue data as a strongly typed class-based access layer. You will be shown the steps needed to map your classes to your data and then generate and use the resulting .NET code assemblies. You will also see a demonstration of how these generated code assemblies can be used as a standard Visual Studio datasources, including .NET data binding.

The next available dates on offer are Tuesday, October 6th and Wednesday, October 7th. For times and registration visit www.bluefinity .com/v4/News/news_releases/firstlookso.html
or email sales@bluefinity .com.

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