Racine Enterprises Inc. releases the Building Blocks 4GL RAD Tools.

Racine Enterprises Inc. (REI) is pleased to announce the release of its Building Blocks 4th Generation Language and Rapid Application Development Tools (BB4GL). Providing tools which will compete favorably with System Builder, the BB4GL contains tools which can transform terminals into GUI application clients complete with arrow keys, function keys (labeled and maintainable through a screen), quick screen repainting for thin-clients, advanced GUI field editing, GUI TCL Stacker, GUI spooler menus, sophisticated sGUI scrolling lookups, GUI version of the original MultiValue ED editor, and GUI Update processor. The BB4GL also provides important database integrity tools which surpass those offered by Oracle, as well as database independence tools which support writing MultiValue source code which is largely MultiValue RDBMS independent. The BB4GL's Proc-to-Basic translator provides precise, compilable Basic source code for most Procs, such that they work identically as before, but with GUI field editing at all prompts, optional immediate integration with MS Office, and optional scrolling lookups at desired prompts.

Yet powerful as these terminal-oriented tools are, the functionality of the BB4GL more than triples when AccuTerm is employed with the BB4GL. The BB4GL provides full integration with MS Office, including Word, Excel, and Access, from documents, to spoolers, to report writing, to stack editing, to TCL reports downloading. All of these not only download, but launch the application and automatically open the downloaded document, from the MultiValue application side, not the PC application side. 5 types of GUI menus are provided, all of which use the same text scripts. Options can be chosen by user. There is a sophisticated security system and there are GUI logons, too. Colors and PCL variables are provided to Basic, as well as some limited TCL column PCL using B/call/U correlatives. The BB4GL can be easily and efficiently integrated into existing source code to give a fresh Windows look and feel to legacy source code.

Available with limited source code, the BB4GL is priced at $2000 for unlimited use. Including full source code, the price is $5,000. REI provides a 60-day money-back guarantee, if you are not satisfied with the product. REI has recently implemented the BB4GL on D3, mvBASE, and UniVision successfully and has immediate plans to implement it on OpenQM. REI is committed to eventually implementing the BB4GL on all MultiValue platforms, since REI has 22 years of MultiValue experience including Mentor, UniVerse, UniData, Sequioa, AP, R83, and Ultimate. Using available documentation, REI has prepared the software to work on most MultiValue implementations already, using its library of database independence tools.

REI also provides Technical Writing as part of its service offerings and the BB4GL is professionally documented. The documentation is available on-line at http://www.racent.net. REI also provides strategic planning, business and systems analysis, project management, custom software development, business and IT consulting, and MultiValue and MS Office training services. REI plans to offer other products such as its Purveyor Software (general purpose retail, wholesale distribution/supply, manufacturing, ERP/MRP, and accounting software), some inventions, and perhaps 3 other complete software packages in the years to come.

REI has partnered with Ramdata Systems Ltd. in the U.K. and both will provide support for the BB4GL product. Ramdata employs the BB4GL in their Ramdata 'Optimum' ERP application aimed at the car aftercare market. REI is an authorized AccuTerm dealer and can offer reduced prices on AccuTerm software. Please contact John Racine at jpr@racent.net or Tim Bristow at bristowt@ramdata.co.uk for more information or to place an order. Please see http://www.racent.net for detailed product information.

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