Web Browser Development Using Microsoft Silverlight & BlueFinity’s mv.NET

Microsoft's Silverlight technology has opened up a huge door of opportunity for developers to create sophisticated, professional interfaces to existing MultiValue applications in astonishingly fast timescales.  Silverlight allows you to create applications that look and feel like desktop or rich-client applications, except they run inside a Web browser.  What's more, you create these Silverlight applications using a single programming language and build it all in a single industry standard development environment - Visual Studio.

mv.NET from BlueFinity gives MultiValue developers everything they need to link their existing MultiValue data and programs to this fantastic Silverlight environment. 

Solution Objects, part of mv.NET, allows .NET developers to easily create powerful, nested data aware business objects-based access layers to MultiValue databases that are able to run within the Silverlight browser environment.  This means that Silverlight applications are able to access MultiValue data via industry standard interfaces and allows the full power of Silverlight's excellent data binding technology to be used against MultiValue data.

Silverlight and mv.NET together provide the tools to allow you to future-proof your MultiValue application, incorporate non-MultiValue programmers into your development teams and deliver cutting-edge, visually compelling browser-based applications.  All of this is based on industry standard technology at a cost which makes it affordable for even the tightest of development budgets. 

Let BlueFinity International show you how easy it is to amaze your customers and users by giving your MultiValue applications the Silverlight touch during a free online webinar!

This webinar will include:

  • A high-level mv.NET feature summary
  • A tour through an example Silverlight application highlighting key features such as application navigation, data validation, data paging, data visualization and much more
  • An example of creating a data maintenance form within the above application

Various dates and times are available.  Register at http://www.bluefinity.com/v4/silverlight_demo.html

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