New Video: Microsoft Silverlight Development on MultiValue Databases

BlueFinity International, a member of the Mpower1 Group of Companies, has just released a short video showing how to use the Microsoft Silverlight support in their mv.NET product to create stunning, rich-client style applications that run inside a web browser.

mv.NET is BlueFinity International's flagship product.  It is the foremost .NET to MultiValue connectivity and productivity aid for developers wishing to create state of the art application user interfaces and web services for MultiValue-based applications. The latest release gives MultiValue developers everything they need to link their existing MultiValue data and programs to Microsoft's Silverlight environment.

David Cooper, Lead Developer at BlueFinity explains, "Silverlight allows us to create applications that look and feel like desktop or rich-client applications, except they run inside a Web browser.  What's more, you create Silverlight applications using a single programming language (C#, VB or whatever .NET language you choose) and build it all in a single development environment - Visual Studio."

"With the new version of mv.NET, we haven't just paid lip service to providing Silverlight support - we've gone the whole 9 yards and provided deep integration and tooling for MultiValue developers.  This allows you to create stunning, industry standard applications using industry standard tools in amazingly short timeframes."

"Silverlight has rapidly attracted massive developer uptake -- already hundreds of thousands of developers are creating Silverlight applications.  This kind of uptake, of course, grabs the attention of tools vendors and consequently there is a thriving 3rd party tools and components development community catering for the needs of pretty much the whole application development spectrum."

Visual Studio 2010 brings the much awaited enhancements to the Silverlight visual designer.  It also brings an improved IDE interface, making heavy use of WPF.  As Cooper explains, "It's a great development environment, used by millions of developers around the world.  It's easy to learn and easy to use, so it's a breeze for developers with existing deep MultiValue application development experience to add a new string to their developer bow".

Cooper concludes, "Gone are the days of having to use proprietary solutions to get the job done quickly.  We are now able to create state-of-the art interfaces to our tried and trusted MultiValue applications in cost effective timeframes using easy to learn, easy to use, industry standard tools.  Tools that allow us to start opening up this fantastic thing called a MultiValue database to a whole world of non-MultiValue aware developers…and that's got to be a very good thing for all of us in the MultiValue market!"

Watch this brief 2½ minute marketing video to find out what the mv.NET/Silverlight buzz is all about: !

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