TigerLogic MVS Toolkit Version 2.0

TigerLogic is pleased to announce the release of TigerLogic MVS Toolkit v2.0 which enables Pick developers to easily publish D3 and mvBase multi-value data as Web Services. TigerLogic MVS Toolkit v2.0 simplifies the creation and testing of secure Web Services using the MVS Toolkit graphical IDE and allows interaction with other applications in a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) environment.

What's new in MVS Toolkit v2.0?

  • Supports RESTful Web Services
  • Supports creating JSON formatted output
  • Supports HTTP PUT and DELETE methods
  • Enhanced testing interface, providing more space to view service requests and response text
  • Allows subroutines to generate output directly to the Web Service client overriding the Web Service default output
  • Supports group-based security feature that allows setting permissions to a Web Service URL or resource
  • Supports SSL connections to a D3 database server (Requires D3 9.1 or above)
  • Enabling HTTP BASIC and DIGEST security
  • Controlling access to URLs based on user roles
TigerLogic Corporation

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