Pragma Systems and BlueFinity Expand SSH, mv.NET and UniVerse Access to Windows

Pragma Systems Inc., a leading provider of enterprise-class remote access and security software for Windows servers and mobile devices, collaborated with BlueFinity to allow BlueFinity's mv.NET application to support SSH access to Windows servers running applications on UniVerse. This represented the first combined utilization of Pragma's SSH Fortress, Windows and UniVerse all running seamlessly across the infrastructure.

BlueFinity's customer team previously deployed Pragma's Fortress SSH Server running under UniVerse and Windows. When a solution requiring the integration of mv.NET was needed, Pragma's engineering team (SSH expertise) partnered with BlueFinity (.NET expertise) to test various options and software updates until a satisfactory solution was found to incorporate the mv.NET application. The collaboration between Pragma and BlueFinity seamlessly delivered a fully secured functioning end to end system to the customer.

"The interaction with Pragma support was seamless, with both parties working together towards a mutually beneficial resolution to any problems encountered," said Mike Street, Support Analyst at BlueFinity.

"Working with BlueFinity to customize a solution for their customer expands the functionality of this system set up to other companies that could benefit from this partnership," said David Kulwin, CTO, Pragma Systems. BlueFinity International has based mv.NET on the .NET technology from Microsoft, allowing organizations using MultiValue technology to utilize both the application development tools and the huge pool of .NET aware application developers in order to meet the significant challenges of an ever changing application development landscape.

FortressSSH Server is an enterprise grade secure shell (SSH), allowing secure remote access and high-performance managed file transfer using SFTP and SCP protocols. Multiple users can run any console/character application remotely which scales to accommodate more than 1000 concurrent sessions and is customizable to meet a customer's unique environmental and application needs. Pragma's Fortress SSH Server holds its own FIPS certification (#1500), is listed on the DISA Unified Capabilities Approved Product List (UC APL) and successfully passed rigorous DoD testing through JITEC.

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