Reality 15.1 released

The V15.1 revision update adds the following to the latest full release.

  • DataBasic Object Server - DBO (For native object orientated language syntax accessing features written in object languages)
    V15.1 includes Java syntax within the DataBasic compiler, including examples of how the many open and commercial external Java Apps can be accessed.
  • Mounting of Physical/FastSave Tape Images ...
    ... for accessing a tape image file for selective data retrieval and as a "read only" Database.

Plus other enhancements:

  • DataBasic
    • New Exception Handler
      User defined error interception for general application use, as well as for use within the DBO above.
    • REMOVE statement - has more efficient options for all users and now MV compatible (end of and restart datum search)...
      ... e.g. specify field delimiters (system or "any" string) & positioning pointer for more efficient dynamic array handling.
    • BASE 64 is new method 6 in Encrypt and Decrypt Functions - also in English as B64 conversion code
    • Significant efficiency improvements for PERFORM "SYS" of platform commands and capturing the output
    • SQUOTE and DQUOTE can now use binary data
    • Global Reality SYSTEM() e.g. REAL.SYSTEM() and REAL.ACCESS()...
      ... so you can use Reality numbering/features in any selected MV runtime environment
  • Floppy tape format definable size "disk segments" - so you can split data over multiple files
  • English BSELECT/SELECT normalizing issues with MV variants
  • Key System files are now automatically sized


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