Limited Spaces Remain in BlueFinty's "Develop Once, Deploy Anywhere" Evoke Webinar Series

Are you interested in seeing a cross platform development toolset that allows you to quickly and easily create an app that will run on any device - Windows native desktop, Windows Modern UI, Windows Phone, iPhone/ iPad and Android phone /tablet - without having to acquire multiple skills and tool sets?

Then you're in luck because BlueFinity International's CTO, David Cooper, will be presenting webinars May 20 th and May 22 nd to showcase the revolutionary, cross platform, multi-device development toolset that is currently taking the MultiValue community by storm: Evoke!

Evoke gives developers the best of both worlds - rapid creation of rich, professional line of business applications that run on all of today's device platforms, plus the power, flexibility and openness of industry standard technologies.

  • Unify
    Design platform-independent data models, menus and pages for your app's UI using a single, easy to use, intuitive design tool that allows you to easily visualize how the app is going to look across a wide range of run-time platforms.
  • Simplify
    Use Evoke's powerful code generator to produce multiple versions of your app within Visual Studio, each automatically tuned to deliver the best possible performance and user experience across a wide range of devices.
  • Accelerate
    Dramatically reduce the required skill sets and learning curves of your in-house developers, without compromising on features or flexibility. Your development team can use any of their favorite 3rd party components to safely integrate custom code within the generated Visual Studio solution.

Evoke is guaranteed to transform your perspective on developing state-of-the-art business software!

Take a high-level tour of Evoke in the May 20 th Introduction to Evoke webinar and then see the product in action in the May 22 nd Technical Deep Dive Demonstration of Evoke.

Registration for both webinars can be accessed at .

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