Video Interviews with BlueFinity Development - Creating Cross Platform Apps Using Evoke

Elkie Holland of Prospectus IT recently interviewed David Cooper, Technical Lead of BlueFinity International about the aims and main components of BlueFinity's newest product - Evoke.

Evoke supports a 'develop once, deploy anywhere' approach by providing a toolset for a range of platforms. The product enables developers to target their applications to Apple, Android and Windows devices as either web apps or hybrid apps (using PhoneGap) as well as desktop browser and native WPF applications.

Built using industry standard HTML/CSS/JavaScript technology and Microsoft's ASP.NET framework, or optionally C# and XAML, Evoke consists of three parts: app designer, app generator and run-time support libraries. The designer enables lightning fast app user interface (UI) design. The generator automatically transforms designs into fully customizable Visual Studio projects, and the run-time libraries provide support for all platforms and devices while keeping an all-important standard look and feel across them all.

"The goal of Evoke is to provide the software developer with an effective way of creating applications that are able to deliver first class user experiences across today's wide range of application delivery platforms," explains Cooper. "And, in doing so, provide them with the ability to utilize all of the power and versatility of the best application IDE on the market - Visual Studio."

The interview is available on the Evoke YouTube channel at .

BlueFinity International

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