Integrate your MultiValue Data with Microsoft SQL Server

Today's MultiValue world has evolved from an isolated island into one that is integrated into an organization's enterprise systems. Companies today gather data to generate information to solve complex business problems. The data is used in data warehousing, business intelligence and analytic applications.

Many companies have chosen Microsoft's SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) to do just that! SSIS provides a rich environment for cleaning and mining data as well as defining how external data is to be imported into an SQL database.

mv.SSIS from BlueFinity allows data to be packaged from any major MultiValue database directly (with no intermediate file processing) into the SSIS environment. This opens up the entire SQL Server set of tools and utilities to MultiValue database users.

Once data is within SQL Server, a host of SQL-based tools may be utilized for purposes such as data mining, data migration, reporting services and OLAP (Online Analytical Processing), allowing company decision makers to slice and dice data enabling them to make intelligent business decisions.

Discover how to use Microsoft and BlueFinity technology to retain your investment in MultiValue while at the same time expanding your computing infrastructures to embrace the use of SQL.

Free Webinar Demonstration
BlueFinity will demonstrate how to create SSIS transformations to move MultiValue data into MS SQL Server using mv.SSIS in this free webinar. All attendees will receive a free, fully supported 30 day trial and access to a dedicated success manager to make the most of the evaluation period.

Wed, December 3rd
11:30am-12:15pm EST
4:30pm - 5:15pm GMT
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