InterSystems Recognized by SD Times for Innovation and Leadership in Big Data and Business Intelligence

InterSystems announced it was again named one of the software industry's top 100 innovators by SD Times . This is the seventh consecutive year that SD Times has recognized InterSystems in the annual software industry ranking.

InterSystems Caché ® is an extremely fast, robust, and massively scalable data platform, enabling developers to create rich Web and mobile applications. It provides multiple modes of data access - including SQL, NoSQL, document, key/value, and multidimensional access - and can process these structured and unstructured data types simultaneously, to deliver just-in-time insight at the point of action.

To qualify for the ranking, companies must demonstrate innovation and leadership. For example, the companies must advance the state of the art of software development, command a lion's share of the market, or establish leadership through the open exchange of ideas with others. SD Times editors also consider the "buzz" factor: "Was the work widely discussed and adopted in the industry? Was it considered 'must-have' by those in the know? In short, was the company's work prized by others?" the SD Times editors stated in the June 2015 issue.

InterSystems was honored in the Big Data and Business Intelligence category. According to SD Times , "Every company that has reams of data is looking for ways to effectively store, retrieve and interpret it all. Fortunately these vendors are working on handling this otherwise daunting task, making the mountain of Big Data look like a much more manageable molehill."

"InterSystems Caché is the preferred data platform for industries with the most demanding performance and scalability requirements like financial services, healthcare, and many others," said Robert Nagle, InterSystems Vice President of Data Platforms. "We appreciate this continuing recognition from the independent perspective of SD Times ' editorial leadership."


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