BlueFinity and ONgroup Collaborate on .NET

ONgroup Intl and BlueFinity International are pleased to announce the certification of BlueFinity's mv.NET with ONgroup's ONware product line. This connectivity opens up the full Microsoft .NET development and run-time environment to ONgroup's MVON SQL Server and MVON Oracle customers. ONware users can now use code from their MV applications for their .NET client programs running on computer workstations and mobile devices.

The announcement also creates a framework for ONgroup's clients to further enhance their products with additional BlueFinity products such as Evoke. Evoke is the rapid application development platform designed to produce complete line-of-business systems that can be deployed quickly across multiple platforms. It provides for limitless customization of the generated code for each targeted platform.

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Product availability is mv.NET, mv.SSIS and Evoke working with MVON SQL Server and MVON Oracle!

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