NorthgateArinso releases Reality V15.2

A Revision Update Adding the Following Significant New Features:

  • Hyper Files
    One logical view of Reality data, with unique Item-IDs, that is built from a view into multiple physical data sections including via remote access.
  • Improved Security - T/Logging and User Passwords
    Clean Logs Accessible for Auditing and Security, Multiple Clean Log Deletion from TLMENU, Password Configurable Definition via SYSMAN SSM command.
  • DataBasic Debugging Enhancements - improving R&D
    New debugger via Module(Main/Subroutines/Exceptions) Trap Commands, System Functions for Running Program Information, a Debugger ?(Help) command and other enhancements. A runtime "process dump" if issues are seen can be configured to log automatically to allow post event access to detailed support information for analysis.
  • DataBasic Feature Enhancements
    • Email Application Programming Interface/API provides for high-level complex emails.
    • Updated and new Relational Expression Operators - MATCHE{ES} and MATCHFIELD.
    • Definable Runtime Compiler using SSM Environments for MultiValue or Reality versions.
    • DataBasic Object Server - DBO for integrated Java

This is now included as a standard available feature, rather than a chargeable option as first released in the V15.1 update.

Future extensions - RESTful Web Services, JSON, .NET/C#... to be made available as feature updates to V15.2 during 2016.



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