Absa Vehicle Finance is LIVE with MVON#

Absa Vehicle Finance is now running their MultiValue application on an entirely Microsoft platform. Partnering with ONgroup Africa, they used the MVON# toolset for the changeover from UniVerse to .NET for the application run machine. Absa also selected SQL Server as the DBMS. Now that the application is running in production on a Microsoft platform, Absa is ready to roll out functionality for both developers and end-users that is available as a by-product of relocating the application.

"MVON# situates sites in a highly reliable and feature-rich platform that is pervasive in the industry. Absa was a good fit for our toolset, because the application is mission critical," said Alan Williams, Managing Partner at ONgroup Africa. "It would have been expensive and unnecessary to rewrite their custom software. They were able to retain their application logic while aligning their production IT platforms with current industry best practices. They can now start taking advantage of the features, functionality, and scalability inherent in the new platform."

Bernie Jardim, IT Manager for Absa Vehicle Management Solutions, indicated that "using MVON# to decouple our application from the DBMS and run our application on a Microsoft platform has had both planned benefits for us and some unexpected ones. Our team is energized while feeling both well-supported and self-sufficient in managing a performant, scalable, and secure environment for our users. We are able to do this without losing the software features that help facilitate our success. We have the added benefit of licensing the source code, so our colleagues at ONgroup Africa have helped us avoid the risks of being locked into a MultiValue-only vendor."

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