Marketing Basics for MultiValue: How to Market without a Marketing Background

Marketing builds brand awareness and recognition. It is essential in every business for us to have direct communication with our target audience. The basic fundamentals and principles of marketing help shape the way messages are created. The resources available to large corporations and chains differ from that of a small business. Agencies can be costly. So, what do you do on the small business level?

I have listed some common terms that we hear during day-to-day operations. Understand the similarities and differences to effectively and creatively connect with your audience.


Marketing is profit driven. It is about the exchange of goods and services for a profit. It is targeted and strategic with messaging to specific audiences.

Public Relations

Public relations (PR) is the practice of maintaining the relationship between a business and the audience(s) it communicates with; employees, competitors, clients, prospects, etc. A good PR person is able to predict how an audience will react to a message before it's sent.

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Anita Mackie

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May/Jun 2014