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Rocket Software

Website: http://www.rocketsoftware.com

Rocket Software is a global software development firm that builds and services Enterprise Infrastructure products for the world’s leading OEMs, networks and software companies and enterprises. The company’s current lines of business complement and extend strategic OEM offerings in the areas of database, business intelligence, storage, networks and telecom, terminal emulation and FTP, integration, modernization and SOA, and security. Rocket is engaged in business and technology partnerships with IBM, EMC/RSA, HP/EDS, Nortel, Motorola, and many others. Rocket Software is based in Newton, Massachusetts.


The MultiValue Database Developers and User Conference 2015

PGA National, Palm Beach, FL
April 13th-16th 2015


Booth No: 10

Rocket Software (www.rocketsoftware.com) is a global software development firm that builds enterprise products and delivers enterprise solutions in the following segments: Business Intelligence and Analytics; Storage, Networks, and Compliance; Application Development, Integration, and Modernization; and Database Servers and Tools. Rocket is engaged in business and technology partnerships with IBM, EMC, Fujitsu, HP Enterprise Services, Hitachi Data Systems, Avaya, Motorola, Epicor, and many others. The company is headquartered in Waltham, Massachusetts, USA.


Title: Defensive Programming for MultiValue Database Developers
Speaker: Michael Byrne
Rocket Software
Date/Time: Monday 3:30 PM-4:30 PM
Room 1

This session focuses upon the art of writing maintainable code. We’ll explore our suggested best practices session on writing code in a way that can be maintained by someone other than the original author. Learn tips and practices of writing programs that will yield code that anyone can read and understand.

Title: Rocket Aldon Lifecycle Manager for MultiValue Database Developers and Administrators
Rocket Software
Date/Time: Wednesday 9:00 AM-10:00 AM
Room 1

Automate. Change. Manage. Complete release and distribution management for MultiValue software development for UniData, UniVerse, D3, SB/XA and/or multi-platform environments. Rocket Aldon Lifecycle Manager simplifies audit compliance, facilitates task and backlog management, enforces quality standards, and secures and manages access to software assets.

Title: Building the Future of Rocket MultiValue
Rocket Software
Date/Time: Wednesday 10:00 AM-11:00 AM
Room 1

With 64-bit architecture and security enhancements, Rocket UniData 8.1 marked its largest release in a decade. Rocket is adding support for the Python language with a strong beta program underway and much excitement from its community. Rocket also develops the technology for our customers to implement web and mobile applications.

Current News:


  • Replacing Legacy Reporting with U2 DataVu

    Dull, monospaced type, text-only reports usually provide the necessary information and get the job done. But just like the antiquated green screen programs, the appearance of these reports invokes a negative reaction from both users and management, creating an impression of obsolescence in an otherwise robust application. UniVerse and UniData users have a number of options for modernizing these reports, one of the newest of which comes from their database supplier, Rocket Software.


  • U2 Replication: An Overview of our Scalable and Robust High Availability Solution

    With the introduction of U2 Replication and complimenting features, UniVerse v11.1 now offers a scalable, robust, feature-rich environment for a 24x7x365 operation for any size of business, with the addition of real-time interoperability with other databases.


  • Useful Tips on Migrating from Legacy PICK

    Useful Tips on Migrating from Legacy PICK Your system sends up certain red flags when its performance has degraded. These signals might include missing your maintenance windows, users complaining about slow system response times, or unreasonably high system maintenance fees. Perhaps your customers are saying the application needs modernization, but the programming backlog is six months and growing. How do you solve these problems? Replace your legacy PICK system!


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