Phoenix 2019 - 8th to 11th April, 2019

The Wigwam


Celebrating over 39 Years of Serving the International MultiValue Database Developers and Users

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Software at the Speed of Business

These are just a few words used to describe the business logic embedded in MultiValue application software. Marrying the business rules to the computer was the hard part, and the MultiValue developers by necessity did that part first a long time ago. Since then, developers have done what it takes to keep those valuable applications tied into the current technology of the day; keeping the value ahead of the competition. Critics who declare the market dead year after year still marvel at the market's tenacity, and ask "who are those guys, and why are they still thriving."

If the critics attended this year's Spectrum conference, they would have the answer - the MultiValue database engines and the applications built around them have adapted to run under everything from legacy operating environments to Oracle and IBM. Having made that leap, the MultiValue developers now enjoy the luxury of deciding which new technologies they can incorporate in their applications to add value to their customers.

This year's Spectrum conference is loaded with information about new options, new technologies, and new products you can use to extend the value and capability of your personal career and your MultiValue applications. We invite you to come to see for yourself how vibrant the market is.

Schedule Summary

Monday, 8th April
Tuesday, 9th April
Wednesday, 10th April
Thursday, 11th April