Jan/Feb 2007

Did you write this? Digital Signatures

You get a memo from your boss telling you to take a completely different approach to the project. How do you know it realy came from your boss and that it wasn't altered before you got it?

Getting Data out of MultiValue: When enormous, Complex, and Amazing Doesn't cut it.

Reporting on large amounts of MultiValue data presents its own challenges. What are some of the options?

4GL Briefing - Osmosis

The staff at SC Systems talk to us about the history, philosophy, and features of their 4GL product, Osmosis

Order Cycle for Programmers (Part II)

Is it order entry? Is it sales? Is it inventory? the Web is changing the way we think about the order cycle.

Secure Sockets for MultiValue

Packet sniffers, spyware, maliciousness both outside and inside your firewall - the Net can be a dangerous place.

OpenQM - Object-Oriented Programming

Do you need objects? Why not just use subroutines? Explore some of the differences using OpenQM's object oriented programming extensions.

Q&A - Interview with Susie Siegesmund, IBM

We talked with Susie at the 2006 IBM Information on Demand Conference. In this interview, she shares with us information about IBM's Approach to the UniData and UniVerse products, talks about what SOA means tot he U2 products in particular and to MultiValue in general, and much more.

Why do I need to Learn SQL

Why learn another query language when our MultiValue products already have a great retrieval language with robust dictionaries? Find out how SQL might impact your job and your shop.

Product Spotlight - OpenInsight's place in the MultiValue World

Is it a database, a GUI, a development IDE, or all of these? Revelation explains their view of where their OpenInsight product fits in the big MultiValue picture.