Jan/Feb 2009

Getting Real

One of the challenges of learning, testing, and evaluating software - especially reporting tools — is the lack of good example data. There is a lot of real data available on the Web, if you know how to grab it.

Business Tech: Becoming a Software Vendor – Part 1

If you have ever had an idea for a new software product, this article is for you. You know how to write the code. Explore the business side of the equation.

Creating a Logging Client

One of the difficulties involved in any client/server or web project is determining what is happening at any given time. A logging client can help you stay on top of events.

ERP Systems and the MultiValue Advantage

MultiValue programmers were writing ERP application before it was even called ERP. Let’s talk about what ERP is, the benefits, the problems, and what advantages our MultiValue packages have over the big guys.

Indexes in OpenInsight - Part 2: Practical Use

OpenInsight supports three different types of indexes. Learn how to add, maintain, and remove them in this article.

Improving Existing Software: Refactoring - Part 2

Known among refactoring advocates as code “smells,” there are some key indicators that suggest a section of code might be a candidate for refactoring. Find out what they are and what to do about them.