Jan/Feb 2010

Business Tech: Marketing – Part 1

"This is a really good article. You need to read it." As a hook, that comment doesn’t do much to encourage you, does it? Yet many new products are presented for sale with little more than such a bland marketing pitch. Without good marketing, even the best product will not sell to its full potential. This article will show you how to start getting those orders coming in.

Creating a Powerful Business Objects Data Access Layer to Your MultiValue Database

BlueFinity’s mv.NET product has a new component — Solution Objects. This can be used to define a complete set of Business Objects to permit a wide array of technologies to access your MultiValue data without having to be aware of our unique data structures.

CSS: Confusing Style Sheets?

MultiValue professionals are comfortable with certain terms to mean something specific to our way of viewing and working with data. Unfortunately, other segments of the Information Industry may use the same term to mean something completely different.

Applying the Object-Oriented Programming Technique of Encapsulation to MultiValue Code — Part 1

Object- Oriented products and techniques now dominate our information industry, but our MultiValue tools don’t always support this new way of working with data. We can, however, still benefit from adopting an object-oriented mind-set.

Excel Pivot Tables: Another Tool In Your Toolbox

The MultiValue world has had a great reporting language since its beginning. But let’s face it. It just doesn’t present information in the “pretty” manner that users have come to expect. One tool is available on almost every desk.

Building a Better Business Case

It is not enough to want to implement a new technology or create a new software solution. In order to get management’s approval, we have to build a convincing business case. Learn the eight questions decision makers want your business case to answer.