Jul/Aug 2004


In this month's VAR Spotlight, Spectrum magazine interviews the president of Total Computing Solutions, Fred Tuttle. Find out about the growth and trends in credit card processing technology, and how TCS has carved a successful niche in the retail software marketplace.

The International MultiValue Marketplace: Up Close and Personal, Part 2

Last month we showcased the highlights of Spectrum 2004 held in Las Vegas, Nev., featuring candid comments from major players in the MultiValue market as well as new players on the scene. But there was still more to report because all the exhibitors had products or services deserving of our attention as they each play a special role in the MultiValue industry. In this feature: more on the people and products of Spectrum 2004.

SB+ Basics, Part 4

Because SB+ is a complete applications development environment, it includes all of the necessary tools to develop a complete, comprehensive application. Learn more about these tools in this article, including administration tools, office automation, and user-defined security processes. BY DANNY PASSIG

History of MultiValue: The 25 Most Influential People in PICK-Where Are They Now?

In this second installment of the series "Where Are They Now?",we turn back the pages to 1989 and the Spectrum magazine cover story,"The 25 Most Influential People in PICK." We've taken this "prestigious" list of people that were highlighted 15 years ago and put our detectives to work.Where are they now? Are they still influential in the marketplace? Are they even in the marketplace? You'd be surprised at what we found ... and didn't find! BY LEANNE GREEN

Revelation Tech Tips: OpenInsight and OLE Controls

How easy is cross-application communication? This article conveys the ease of adding and manipulating OLE controls within OpenInsight windows with a step-by-step guide. BY SEAN FITZSIMONS

Standards, Compliance and Jail, "Oh My!"

Susan Joslyn follows up with more details on the Sarbanes Oxley Act (and other regulatory agencies) that have come up with new rules for the business game. This time, she focuses on the effects on IT. "Is all of this regulation going to make our lives harder and our jobs more tedious?" she asks. Find out what the

Web Services and .NET, Part 4: Examples

Part 3 of this series,"MultiValue Toolkits,"profiled software to help MultiValue developers implement Web Services with existing applications. In this fourth and final installment of this series, you'll find real-world examples of Web Services in the MultiValue world and elsewhere. BY TONY GRAVAGNO

UniVerse and UniData Hashed Files, Part 3: Resizing to Maintain Optimum Performance

In the first two parts of this series, the mechanics and vocabulary of hashed files were explored. Part 3 is devoted to a discussion of "resizing" hashed files. The authors examine the costs and benefits of resizing and then present their thoughts about the best way to approach the process of resizing files.

Just for Fun - Searching Addresses

The address is a key piece of information in anyone's database, but it can be extremely hard to validate, and due to free form input, even harder to search. BY NATHAN RECTOR