Jul/Aug 2008

Improving the Visibility of KPIs

Take a look at how one company made small programming changes to serve up the KPI data management needed. This article gives step-bystep tips on how small programming changes and triggers can help you do the same.

Optimizing UniData Basic via Code Profiling: Part 2

Looking for tips on how to speed up your UniData programs? Check out this next installment for specifics on what could be dragging your programs down.

Documentation: Simplified

Hate writing documentation? Learn quick and effective ways to provide users with the info they need without sweating ink.

Extending UniObjects.NET

Missing the Basic functions like DCount and Locate that are not available in VB and C#? Learn how to use Extensions to emulate these missing and useful functions.

Using Google Features in an OpenInsight Application: Browser- Based Fun

Learn how to integrate free Google maps, charts, and other fun tools to your browser-based application, even if you aren’t using OpenInsight.

Reporting and Business Intelligence Tools: C-7 Reporting

Find out about the reporting tools and expertise available through C-7 Reporting in this interview with Larry Christensen.