Mar/Apr 2009

Mining Open Source Software for Your Own Projects

There are a number of Open Source applications available, some of which are complete application suites like Open Office or Sugar CRM. But there are also smaller pieces to the puzzle that you can incorporate into your own MultiValue software.

Revelation WebOI – An Introduction to a New Web Development Toolkit

OpenInsight Development Suite 9.0 contains an integrated Internet/intranet tool called WebOI. WebOI is a Web enablement and development toolkit that interrogates existing OpenInsight data, as well as U2 data, and ties it to the Web.

ERP - Part 2: Today’s Expectations

Modern ERP systems are driven by certain expectations of what information they deliver, the format of that information, and how you interface with the system. Find out what changes vendors have been making to keep MultiValue ERP applications at the front of the pack.

D3 FlashBASIC History and Usage

Questions frequently arise in forums about how FlashBASIC works. This article discusses the traditional MultiValue approach to compilation and execution, also applicable to D3, and then delves into the additional optimization offered by FlashBASIC.

Data Binding, LINQ and UniXML

Binding user interface controls to data sources is a common technique used by developers in the .NET environment. Explore even more flexibility by using UniXML and LINQ to bind to objects.

Business Tech: Becoming a Software Vendor - Part 2

You have a software solution that is excellent, efficient, and with terms that are attractive. But the prospect wants to build their own. How do you communicate across this gap?

Caché and Embedded Real-time Business Intelligence

InterSystems recently released a new product, InterSystems DeepSee, which allows real-time business intelligence (BI) capabilities to be embedded into any Caché (or Ensemble) application – including those migrated from a legacy MultiValue platform. Take a look at how it can be used with a Caché-based MultiValue application.