Mar/Apr 2019

International Spectrum 2019 MultiValue Conference Recap Interview

Read the interview with Nathan Rector, President of International Spectrum, about this year's conference and about the future direction of MultiValue.

Business Tech: A Place at the Table - Improving the IT Image

IT has been accused of being out of sync with the companies we work for. While I might post a pun - or six - on social media, my office e-mails tend to be more serious. We don't have to turn ourselves into perfectly neutered drones but we do need to act like we are part of the team if we want the team to accept us.

Migrating NorthWind Database to a MultiValue Database -SQL Data-Types and MultiValue

In our continuing series of comparisons between SQL and MultiValue, we take a deeper dive into data architecture. What SQL lacks in flexibility is made clearly evident when we see how much more proformant the same data can be when managed in a MultiValue datastore.

Six Million Dollar FLSS

In previous issues, we've rebuilt the OPEN and the DATE input. This time we'll look at two additional areas, error messages and security routines. We have the technology to build them better than before. Here's some ideas on how to do just that, quickly and efficiently.