May/Jun 2008

International Spectrum 2008 Recap

The new Professional Continuing Education sessions were a big hit. Relive the conference, or see what you missed.

Reporting and Busi ness Intelligence Tools: What’s Right For You?

Spreadmarts, ad-hoc reporting, full formal data warehouses - do you want it? Do you need it? What works for your business? Explore some of the options.

Optimizing UniData Basic Via Code Profiling

Want to make that UniData program hum like a top? Check out this article for how to tune it to peak performance by using the profiling ability in UniBasic.

Reporting and Business Intelligence tools: Viságe.BIT

Find out about Stamina System’s Reporting and Business Intelligence tools in this interview with Ross Ferris.

Using UniVerse Indexes: Part 3

The last in this overview series, we discuss the way that UniVerse indexes multivalued fields, I-descriptors, and translated I-descriptors.

Controlling the Development Tools in a Developer

Class Copy of OpenInsight The development class engine makes a number of tools available to the user. This article explains how to customize access to those tools

Why Programmers Should Plan: Part 2

Think twice. Code once. Another in the Business for Programmers series, this article discusses the next step in turning a good idea into a working application that meets business needs.