May/Jun 2019

Bespoke Software Development

In IT, especially in IT, we see the same ideas come back time and again, dressed in new terminology. The current crop of buzzwords includes Bespoke Software. This article discusses the advantages and disadvantages of this type of software and it's value to business.

Business Tech: A Seat at the Table - Chaos and Control

As we push our chairs up to the table, there will be pushback from other departments. Some of it might be politics or petty reasons. However, much of it has to do with how we are perceived. Are you someone's rampaging Godzilla? Do they see you as an agent of chaos and discord, trampling their workflows? Before we can fix that, we need to understand it.

Using UPS WorldShip to automate a Pick and Pack

Shipping is a main part of many businesses. UPS WorldShip offers many automation features which allows you to integrate in a variety of ways. You can get started by using this simple approach to linking UPS with your existing MultiValue application.

Check Fraud Prevention with Positive Pay

Identity theft and other forms of fraud are everywhere. Businesses are constantly looking for ways to assure that their information is both accurate and secure. Movies like "Catch me if you Can?", make check fraud look easy. Implementing Positive Pay can help address these issues.