Nov/Dec 2014

2014 MultiValue Industry End-of-Year Recap

The year 2014 continued to provide us with changing technologies and changing market demands. But the economic landscape seemed to improve somewhat. The demand for mobile access to data continued to increase. We asked some of our MultiValue partners to share with us some of their accomplishments from this last year and what to look for in the next.

Must-Haves for every (ERP) Enterprise Application

ERP applications are made to serve a specific purpose — running your business. People use them every day, and their value lies in the depth of service they provide your business. But if your ERP system does not have these seven “must-have” capabilities, its stands a good chance of failing to live up to the requirements necessary for it to be the main hub of your business.

Big Data

Everybody is talking about Big Data. But a lot of people have trouble defining exactly what that means. Are we talking about “tons and tons” of data? (Volume) Are we talking about terabytes of data that is changing every few minutes? (Velocity) do we capture it in a traditional data warehouse or some other structure? And what tools are available to process this stuff? Here is an overview of some of the problems that big data presents and a couple of tools that have been developed to deal with them.

Marketing Basics for MultiValue: How to Market Without a Marketing Background

How to Market Without a Marketing Background Not all of us have Marketing Departments. If your marketing is do-it-yourself, you should be reading this to learn about all the latest marketing terms and what they mean to your business.

Business Tech: Identity

As technologists, identifying people uniquely, whether customers, vendors, or employees, is a core component of many of our tasks. As people, our identities are at risk.

What Should I Learn Next? - JavaScript and Python

Rocket has picked Python as an important alternative to BASIC. Find out what Python brings to the table, and see why you might be adding ‘Python Programmer’ to your resume.