Sep/Oct 2004

Taking the Pulse of the MultiValue Market: A Report Card on How the MultiValue Market Is Doing and What's Needed to Keep It Growing

Exhibitors in the upcoming International Spectrum exhibitions and conferences being held in the U.K.and

QuickBooks: Why Should We Care?

Are your customers asking to use QuickBooks in conjunction with their MultiValue applications? If they aren't, they may soon because it's becoming more and more of a demand, especially in small shops. Here are some options for getting MultiValue data into QuickBooks. BY NATHAN RECTOR

History of MultiValue: Where Are They Now? 1989's 25 Most Influential People in PICK, Part 2

Spectrum caught up with most of the 25 Most Influential People in PICK from 1989, who shared some unforgettable personal memories and their unreserved opinions about the future of the MultiValue market. BY LEANNE GREEN

Webonomics 101: Wireless with Mass Dispersion- What's Next for Wi-Fi

It may sound a bit like science fiction, but take a look at what's coming soon in wireless technologies-from using unlicensed radio spectra to wireless devices that cover miles. BY MELVIN SORIANO

Is Your MultiValue Database Resilient?

How does a MultiValue database fit into the world of disaster recovery? Data in a database constitutes a substantial financial investment; find out how risks are managed with MultiValue databases and some of the solutions that are available. BY MARK FULLER

UniVerse and UniData Hashed Files, Part 4: UniVerse's 64-bit Files

Remembering the disk drives of yesteryear, there were a number of clever workarounds created through software to compensate for the shortfalls of the hardware and O/S restraints.When many UNIX systems were implemented with 64-bit architectures which allowed files larger than 2Gb, UniVerse introduced the 64-bit file so that larger files could be accommodated. BY JEFF FITZGERALD AND PEGGY LONG

Revelation Tech Tips: OpenInsight's Active Tables

Inspired by a recent Linux conference where the author evangelized the benefits of active tables, this article's ideas are relevant to all flavors of MultiValue databases. BY BOB CARTEN

SB+ 101, Part 5

The tutorial on SB+ continues, this installment covering the fundamentals of Screen Design, Menus, Reports and Processes. BY DANNY PASSIG

Spectrum Spotlight: DesignBais Web Tool Modernizes MultiValue Applications

DesignBais has been attracting a lot of attention lately from the MultiValue community.Why? Because DesignBais touts something that MultiValue developers want: a way to Web-enable applications without extensive development time and huge costs while retaining MultiValue's powerful functionality.