Sep/Oct 2008

The Art and Science of Training - Part 1

Whether delivered in a classroom setting, a conference session, or a webinar, successful training begins with the instructor. Learn some of the rules of what you should—and shouldn’t—do if you want to be an effective trainer.

Top 5 Customer Service Mistakes IT Professionals Make

All of us in IT carry two job titles—our primary title and an unstated title of Customer Service Rep, whether to external customers or to our internal customers, usually called “our users.” Learn the five main mistakes IT professionals make in this role and how to avoid them.

Optimizing UniData Basic via Code Profiling - Part 3

A lot of companies are looking to extend the life of their current systems by improving their performance rather than replacing them with newer hardware. Third in this series, we continue the investigation of how to get the most out of your UniData system.

Phantoms Do More Than Go Bump In The Night

Many, if not most, MultiValue shops have one or more phantom processes that run after business hours to do batch updates and reports. But phantoms can also fill a need during the normal business day. Explore some examples of this idea.

Preparing for Business Intelligence

Getting the most out of Business Intelligence requires more than just a great set of tools. It also requires different ways of thinking about and structuring the data.

Get the Picture? Using Graphics in OpenInsight

OpenInsight supports almost every graphic format in use today. Find out how to use the graphic controls to include both static and dynamic images on your GUI forms.

What good is IT Governance, Anyway?

Many shops were drug kicking and screaming into IT Governance due to compliance requirements of regulations such as Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA, and others. But now, many companies find that IT Governance is providing value beyond just compliance.

Diary of a PDA Project

Mobile is a Big Thing for many people. Regardless of the actual device, PDA or SmartPhone, certain key questions will help determine the success of any mobile project.