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  • Lead Programmer-OH

    Company: Admin Resource and Services, Inc.

    We are looking for a lead programmer. This is a remote office/telecommute opportunity or we will pay a set amount for moving expenses to NW Ohio.

    Our company started January 1, 2014 as a software consulting company to support a few customers following my former employer's acquisition by a less than desirable larger corporation. Within 3 months, three customers turned into six, and in another three months we were at fifteen. This was without any marketing effort or attempt to recruit customers. We knew we were doing something right and the market was responding.

    At the encouragement of our customers, we started researching other opportunities in enterprise software solutions for this market (industrial electric motor service and distribution market - niche market with over 3,000 companies just in the US). We found a solution in a software system provided by a vendor in Australia and negotiated exclusive rights to market this product in the US and Canada, rebrand the software system, and modify it to meet our market requirements.

    This product is written with a Rocket D3 multi-value database and is over 30 years mature, beginning with a character based system I first saw back in 1995. To transition to a Windows or graphical user interface (gui), they developed their own development environment called Visage where the actual coding and screen layout is completed within the Visage environment and then compiled, resulting in an html/api interface with the server (allowing users to run the applications on any device, not just workstations or laptops).

    As the software originates in Australia, there are "Americanizations" that must be completed to make the product marketable. The sales tax needs to be completed (Australia uses a GST/PST country-wide sales tax structure), the A/R statement finance charge needs to be completed (illegal in Australia to charge finance charges unless done by the bank), and many words throughout the system need to be spelled the American way (labour=labor, cheques=checks, suburb=city, etc.). I am able to do some of the work, but not all, and I am still working with one other employee to support our existing customers.

    Our existing customer base works with a system called the "Master System", written in Business Basic, the BBx brand provided by Basis International. This runs in Vpro5, also written in BBx, and the service aspect of the system is written around the core products of AddOn Software (a company Basis International acquired within the last couple of years - not the same as my former employer).

    Part of our vision is to take the existing product, extract the end-user data from the existing product, and upload it into the new product seamlessly to the customer, giving us the ability to complete demonstrations with the customer using their data... one step closer to getting them to sign on!

    Ideally, in a perfect world that does not exist, we are looking for a programmer with experience in multi-value databases, D3, BBx, Vpro5, Business Basic, or related products. We serious doubt we will find someone who has all of this, and we recognize the Visage development environment is proprietary to the Australian company, so very few programmers will have this experience unless they are former employees in Australia.

    So, in reality, we are looking for someone with experience in related products to the above, someone willing to learn a new programming language and be part of a relatively mature start-up opportunity, and someone stubborn enough to stick with it and plow through the obstacles with us.

    We do take the team environment to the next level by integrating the team as part of our corporate DNA... we do not have job titles, we are part of Team S-Tracker. The S-Tracker System is our product, but without Team S-Tracker it cannot exist. Our B2B strategy is based on the H2H element, in that we cannot have business to business opportunities without the human to human element serving their role.

    Our hours are flexible and we work on the honor system to trust you will do what you say you will do. You make your time work for you as part of the team, meet the objectives, and complete your goals. As part of the team, you will be called upon to assist in support and sales when necessary, with your primary focus in programming.

    Please review and advise if you believe this is a close match to your skills and an environment you would consider productive. If so, we can schedule a telephone interview where I can give you more of a detailed picture of our company, answer your questions, and ask a few of my own.

    Glenn Sasscer
    Admin Resource and Services, Inc.
    PO Box 711, Elmore, Oh 43416
    T: 419.862.5108
    F: 419.419.5199
    E: glenn@sasscer.com
    W: www.arsstracker.com

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