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    It is easy to see businesses as unique snowflakes but it's equally easy to see them as all the same. As professionals, whether employees or consultants, we need both perspectives in the course of our work life. While we can make the case the Amazon isn't eBay, we can also make the case that your accountant and your dog groomer are in the same business.



  • ERP Implementation Leader - NY

    EXEControl Global Solutions is seeking bright, conscientious candidates to join our highly-regarded software
    support team. Candidates should have exceptional customer communication skills combined with strong business
    knowledge and programming ability. Experience with our software and programming techniques is not required.
    Instead, the candidate must have a desire and ability to learn our ERP application and programming languages.

    EXEControl Global Solutions has been providing software solutions for the past 50 years. We are a privately held
    corporation with all software services performed in our Clifton Park, New York headquarters. Our diverse software
    products serve manufacturing, retail, distribution, and other industries across North America. This gives the
    support analyst a varied and interesting work environment. More information about EXEControl Global Solutions
    can be found at www.execontrol.com .

    The chosen candidate will enhance their business process skills in order processing, sales analysis, job costing,
    distribution, procurement, accounting, and more. They will also learn best programming practices and techniques,
    database management and user interface design. EXEControl Global Solutions has a long-term relationship with
    APICS and other industry groups which provides opportunities for employees to develop their professional skills.
    Employees are also encouraged to participate in our user conference to hone their presentation and training skills.

    Position Responsibilities:

    • Collaborating with clients, including blueprint and implementation efforts
    • Analyzing clients' existing systems to provide procedural and software solutions
    • Reviewing custom and standard software code
    • Correcting data issues manually and programmatically
    • Providing client instruction


    • Service orientation - Enjoys helping people
    • Ability to learn - Learn how the software works, how the client uses it, how the database works, how the
      programming languages work. On-the-job training is provided.
    • Great communication - Clear verbal and written communication is required
    • Multitask - Ability to handle interruptions inherent to lean mid-size organizations
    • Follow-through - Ensure issues are brought to resolution
    • Critical thinking - Determining root cause of complex problems and determine the best solution


    • Advanced understanding of business operations
    • Ability to communicate effectively and support client processes
    • Skilled in software development - Experience in coding software solutions in a database environment

    Candidates are not required to have mastery in any software languages used at EXEControl Global Solutions.
    Candidates should have confidence in their ability to learn new languages. Currently EXEControl Global Solutions
    primarily uses PICK Basic (a database language used with multi-valued database applications) and Visual Basic.Net.

    This is a permanent full-time position. The hours are Monday-Friday 8AM-5PM. Salary is negotiable, based on

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