DesignBais International releases version 7 of DesignBais

Full cross browser implementation

  • Built on .NET Framework 4.5
  • Cross browser only
  • Web component no longer requires installation
  • Simplified and more reliable architecture
  • Minor UI changes
  • No direct TCP/IP connections so better TCP/IP resource utilization
  • No need to configure TCP/IP parameters
New and improved features
  1. Full cross browser implementation
  2. Form Section Control
  • form sections automatically sorted so setting up section collapsing is much simpler
  • redundant section names removed automatically
  • sub sections sorted to the end of the section list where they need to be
  • check of collapsing sections reports on section overlap that will disturb correct collapse functionality
  1. Form Tab Indexing
  • the ability to set an increment greater than 1 between tab index settings
  • facilitates the insertion of new form elements within an existing sequence
  1. Click Timeout parameter to allow a delay for the click event to complete
  2. Mouse Out event now available
  3. Encode HTML option enhances security against XSS injection attacks
  4. Hit Blocker allows form elements to be hidden and following events to be blocked
  5. Custom Attributes for a field (added to the HTML tag and then available for javascript)
  6. DesignBais styles (class) have been completely reviewed
  • standard class names
  • two Style Groups, dbaisWeb for forms and dbaisRep for report
  1. Default button class that is applied to any button with no display class definition
  2. Ability to replace the grid controls characters (+, >, x) with your own symbols (which may be HTML)
  3. Menu styling improvements with the ability to control container size
  4. New options in Active Users
  • Phantom Status gives visibility to long-running jobs with ability to kill the process
  • Hit Status displays started, failed and timed out hit details
  • Display Como option for developers to quickly view the important content of their como file
  • Long-running reports and other phantom processes can be reviewed and killed
  1. Exclusive Locks extended with new option to display locks in your account only
  2. System and Global Parameter functions now maintained via forms rather than editor
  3. Form Compare routine provides developers with ability to display differences between two forms
  4. Comprehensive improvements and additions to the Reference Manual
  5. Improved File Upload
  • allows multiple file uploads
  • is not sensitive to app pool recycling
  • is not prone to session hijacking
  • provides encoded virtual path
  • provides the option to assign unique file names
  • shows only those files having allowed file extensions when picking a file using the Windows File Explorer
  1. DesignBais can now provide a Web Service
  2. DesignBais can access an external web service such as a SOAP service
  3. New Date Picker calendar display
  4. Session restoration
  5. New and much improved Code Editor
  • Retains file and record name of last routine edited
  • Only prompts to save changes if record has changed
  • Improved find and replace functionality
  • Auto tabbing
Support for Older Releases
  • Support for DesignBais v6 will cease on 1 May 2019
  • Support for pre-v6 will cease on 1 May 2018
DesignBais International

Located in North Sydney .

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