DesignBais USA

DesignBais USA, a division of F.W. Davison & Company, has recently been appointed the exclusive distributor of DesignBais for U2 and D3 databases in North America, South America and the United Kingdom.

DesignBais is a functionally rich toolset that allows developers to design and create enterprise wide web-based applications. These applications can be deployed on commonly used browsers like, IE, Safari, Firefox, Chrome, Opera on a variety of devices including iPad, iPhone and Android.

DesignBais supports the creation of design templates. These design templates allow for creation of a standard user interface that can be easily applied throughout an application or its modules. With drop down top menus and side bar menus as a standard feature, user navigation is simple and intuitive.

DesignBais was developed to create enterprise applications, not only one-off forms.

DesignBais provides a zero client deployment solution, so your applications are available anywhere, anytime.