Synergetic Data Systems release CirrusPrint 2.0.10

CirrusPrint 2.0.10 includes new features as well as bug fixes.

CirrusPrint 2.0.10 added an option to disable cache usage for any location, so that locations with high bandwidth, which might not benefit from object caching, can dispable it and receive jobs without the parsing time.

CirrusPrint 2.0.10 added a filter configuration capability to output devices. Any program capable of processing an input file and producing an output file can be used to modify the inbound file data. A good example is the use of UnForm to enhance ERP documents going through CirrusPrint, to add features like barcodes, images, attachments, or tray and duplex control.

CirrusPrint 2.0.10 added the network hostname to the subject of notification messages, to help identify what machine is sending a message to an admin.

Synergetic Data Systems, Inc

Located in Shingle Springs CA.

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