Synergetic Data Systems release UnForm 2.0.28

UnForm 2.0.28 includes new features as well as bug fixes.

Unform 2.0.28 updated async deliver logic to handle multiple attachments generated by the combine flag. Added logic to prevent an error 12 at 4380 in ufcgiuf.pv in cases where the system could recycle process ID numbers faster than files were purged from the temp/tmp directory.

UnForm 2.0.28 also corrected an Image Manager problem with grid zones and detection logic, where the first job tested for detection created the initial grid zone data.

UnForm 2.0.28 includes workflow version 3.1.03 updates to rule files, object, and the ICE system-wf library, and includes addition of "OCR/XML/EDI" batch support to system-wf library which previously resided in a different ICE system library, for ease of access, configuration and use.

Synergetic Data Systems, Inc

Located in Shingle Springs CA.

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