Rocket Software announces Universe 12

Rocket software is excited to announce the release of Rocket UniVerse 12.1.1.

This new release is designed to deliver accelerated transaction performance and data integrity and reliability for enterprises that want to better handle extreme transaction volumes and quick data recovery when system failures occur.

Highlights include:

  • UniVerse Recoverable File System (RFS): RFS ensures you'll never lose a transaction and reduces the risk of file corruption.
  • Field level updates during replication: Field level updates provide better performance via faster replication and decreased disk space usage
  • Change Data Capture (CDC): Within audit logging, CDC provides change details at a granular level. You'll spend less time and expend fewer resources to meet audit requirements.
  • Performance enhancements: For example, SQL query optimization returns query results 10% to 26% faster.
  • Additional features In order to stay current with the constantly growing Python library, the UniVerse 12.1.1 Python library has been upgraded to v3.7. Python is now available on AIX and data output to JSON format are just two of the many new features. The ability to output your data to JSON makes your MultiValue data available to more applications and markets increasing opportunities for your business.
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