Web Developers Sierra Bravo Moving to New Nerdery

Sierra Bravo , the largest independent web development firm in the Twin Cities, will move into a new office on July 25, 2008.

"We're moving just blocks away in Bloomington, but to us, our move looms as both large and symbolic," said Luke Bucklin, President of Sierra Bravo – one of three programmers who founded the company in 2003.

Sierra Bravo now has a staff of over 60, including more than 40 programmers collectively versed in an unstumpable range of programming languages and platforms – an embarrassment of nerdy riches in web-development capabilities.

"With our nerdy-powers in full bloom, we outgrew our space," said Bucklin. "We expect to continue our current annual growth rate of 40-50% for the next few years, and our new space gives us room to keep adding the tech talent our company and clients need."

Sierra Bravo 's address as of July 28:
9555 James Ave. S., Suite 245 Bloomington, MN 55431
(Phone remains 952-948-1211)

Sierra Bravo will move out on Friday afternoon of July 25 and during the weekend. "We expect to be ninety-something percent moved in by the morning of Monday, July 28 – and back to business as usual," said Bucklin.

"Actually, who are we kidding here?" added Bucklin. "We'll get all giddy and frolic about our nerdy new space. We'll test each room's acoustics by plugging in Guitar Hero and playing the theme from 'The Jeffersons' like our lives depend on it – because we're moving on up to a brand new Nerdery! Our new office even has showers. We will bid our families a fond farewell until the holidays."

Sierra Bravo 's nerd-powered growth is fueled by its knack for resolving business needs through custom software and web solutions that help companies work smarter. Through its Partner Program, Sierra Bravo 's web programmers, interface designers and database engineers add sophisticated online functionality to the creative concepts of design and communication professionals at ad and design agencies.

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