mvDesigner 4.3.1 Released

TigerLogiect is pleased to announce the general availability of mvDesigner 4.3.1. The new features and functionality in mvDesigner 4.3.1 take advantage of the powerful Omnis Studio 4.3 object-oriented rapid application development environment for faster, more efficient creation of Enterprise and Web solutions, and increased developer and user productivity.

mvDesigner 4.3.1 Key New Features and Enhancements

mvDesigner 4.3.1 delivers significant improvements in open connectivity and combines a collection of new features, enhancements and patches.

  • Support for Ultra-Thin Web based connections  
  • mvDesigner Client based on Omnis Studio 4.3 (Please see Omnis Studio Product Features pages of our Web site for more information)
  • Multiplatform support
  • Enterprise browser
  • BASIC editor


mvDesigner 4.3.1 supports applications running on AIX, Linux and Windows-based Web servers and is compatible with the D3 and mvBase database products listed below. To develop and deploy mvDesigner 4.3.1 solutions, a FlashCONNECT server license is required (mvDesigner 4.3.1 is certified on the FlashCONNECT 3.7 and 3.8 releases only).

  • D3 NT version 7.5.3
  • D3 AIX version 7.5.1
  • D3 Linux version 7.5.1
  • mvBase 2.1
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