Ashwood Computer completes a successful MultiValue IBM RS6000/Universe upgrade project

ITW Powertrain Fastening's computer system was based on an IBM RS/6000 which was over 16 years old and because of the various application software in use, extensive preparation and planning was necessary prior to our successful completion of this.

Marco Budny, the ITW Plant Manager commented that "Most users are ecstatic because our upgraded system's response is now close to instantaneous, even when their applications have to pull in lots of data. As for my own experience, as a user who comfortably manuevers outside our menu system, I've actually had to relearn how to perform my tasks. Prior to Ashwood's upgrade of our system, a complex SSELECT of the order or inventory transaction archives took several minutes, and my practice was to perform some other task while I waited. Now, a split second after hitting enter, BOOM, the select is complete. There is no break in my focus. At that moment my thought was "it does not get any better than this". Maybe if the data base responded to voice commands...."

And Steve Cook, the ITW Systems Manager had this to say: "I have to say that the biggest change I noticed is our batch processing which could take 4 or 8 hours now is done within ½ an hour. I had one process at month-end which summarized the inventory transaction files - it took 8 hours to process - now it is less than. SELECTS and COUNTS -on large files- all come back very quickly compared to our old system. COMPILES are instantaneous too. I have been saying that the system is 10 times faster, but that really doesn't do it justice. We are thrilled with the new server!"

Ashwood Computer Company


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